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2010 Colorado Colorectal Screening Program

Marillac Partners with Local Physicians

Marillac Clinic Partners with Local Physicians to Administer the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program


Colorado Colorectal Screening Program is a statewide program that partners with community clinics, their screening partners and their treatment partners to provide endoscopic colorectal screening services and treatment of colorectal cancer cases diagnosed through the program to the medically underserved.  In addition, the Program promotes colorectal screening awareness to Coloradans age 50 and older.


Locally, Marillac Clinic has partnered with University of Colorado Cancer Center to administer the Screening Program in Mesa County since 2007.   During the past 3 ½ years, Marillac referred over 350 patients for screening colonoscopies through this program.  


Program Screening Facts:

The Program has screened over 10,000 patients state-wide since 2006.

Adenomas (those polyps most likely to develop into cancer) are found and removed in approximately 25 % of screens.

One percent of those screened are diagnosed with colorectal cancer.


Patients eligible for the Program must be:

Lawfully present Colorado residents ages 50 and older (average risk) or those under 50 with personal or family history of colon cancer (elevated risk);

Under 250% Federal Poverty Level;

Uninsured, or the holder of an insurance plan that does not cover ANY costs for endoscopic colorectal screening;

A patient of a clinic that participates in the Program;

Meets the criteria of eligibility for screening under American Cancer Society guidelines.



Colon cancer, or cancer of the large intestine, is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths.  Colon cancer occurs when polyps (abnormal tissue growths in the colon lining) progress into cancer.  Not all polyps progress into cancer, but nearly all colon cancers come from polyps.  Polyps can be detected by a colonoscopy, a test for the doctor to see inside the entire colon.  For the average risk person, the American Cancer Society recommends colonoscopy every ten years starting at age 50.  If every Coloradan age 50 or older would be screened for polyps, over half of the deaths from colon cancer could be prevented.  


Marillac Clinic is proud to partner with our local specialists and hospitals to screen and treat patients under the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program.  Special thanks and recognition to: 


Grand Junction Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center

Brent Prosser, MD;  Peter Walsh, DO;  Steven Seagren, MD;   Eugene Crafton, MD


Gastroenterology Associates Center of Western Colorado

Masi Khaja, MD


Surgical Associates of Western Colorado

Brad Baldwin, DO;  Andrew Morse, DO;  Daniela Schupp, MD; Steven O’Dell, DO



Grand Junction Pathology, The Pathology Group, St. Mary’s Hospital and Community Hospital


For more information on the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program contact Marillac Clinic, Patient Navigator, 298-1782 or visit