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Inclusiveness & Cultural Diversity

Marillac Clinic welcomes and accommodates people from every walk of life

Inclusive organizations not only have diverse individuals involved; more importantly, they are learning-centered organizations that value the perspectives and contributions of all people, and strive to incorporate the needs and viewpoints of diverse communities into the design and implementation of universal and inclusive programs. Inclusive organizations are, by definition, diverse at all levels.

Marillac Clinic is working to become:

  • aware of different cultural nuances and use this information to shape their programs.
  • understanding of people and how they respond to messages - to recognize that it is important to communicate in culturally appropriate and sensitive ways.
  • adept at recognizing differences and creating internal systems the at bridge cultural gaps - listening to and making sure all voices are heard.
  • self-aware, soliciting feedback about themselves. Recognizing diverse communities provide opportunities at many levels; creating ways of managing conflict to produce unchartered solutions to the challenges of living in a diverse world.
  • successful through open and honest dialogue, ensuring a path to inclusiveness throughout the organization.


Excerpted from "Inclusiveness at Work - How to Build Inclusive Nonprofit Organizations"