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You may be eligible for Marillac Services

Mesa County Residents may apply. CALL our new Call Center for details: (970) 298-1782. NEW... Medicaid and Medicare now accepted in our Medical Clinic too! Children and Pregnant Women are a priority at Marillac and if you need a New Patient Appointment, call us! Commerical Insurance, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, accepted at Marillac Clinic and sliding scale discount is available to anyone based on eligibility of household size and income.
Marillac Clinic Eligibility Application Process

Questions regarding Eligibility:

  •  298-1782 and our knowledgeable staff can help you.


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Find Out if You Qualify

CALL our Main Number at 298-1782 regarding eligibility requirements.  Eligibility at Marillac Clinic is the important first step to becoming a patient.  You can pick up a registration packet, print and complete the Eligibility forms below or we can mail one to you.   If you are requesting sliding scale discount, complete the registration forms at your convenience then return it to the clinic for processing.  You will be notified when your application packet is complete and ready for you to pick up your Marillac card.  Here are some basics to keep in mind:

Marillac Clinic primarily serves residents of Mesa County. We do welcome patients from surrounding counties.  Patients will need to prove their residency with a valid Colorado Driver's License or ID, a current tax return, or vehicle registration.  NEW... dental can now serve individuals and families from surrounding counties, and income eligibility expanded.  Call Dental today at 298-6320 for more information on eligibility for dental care. 

You will need to provide proof of income. The Clinic has expanded its income eligibility to 250% of federal poverty level and could be eligible for CICP.  For our sliding scale discount program your income must be 200% and below of the federal poverty level.  So even if you were denied eligibility in the past, you might consider re-applying. A family of four could have income and assets as much as $58,875 and might still be eligible for assistance programs at Marillac. A single individual could make as much as $28,725 and might still qualify for assistance programs. (Full month proof of income will be required: a pay stub within the last 30 days, SSI statement, or an unemployment check stub.)

Marillac eligibility specialists will help you determine if you are eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, CHP+, CICP. Our specialists are also Certified Guides for Connect for Health Colorado.  Eligibility applications for sliding scale discounts available for patients up to 200% of the federal poverty level.  Once you have established eligibility, services you qualify for will be available on a sliding scale. Your co-pay, which is due at the time of service, is based on your ability to pay. Marillac participates in the Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP). CICP helps determine your co-pay by such factors as household size and income. If a patient is covered by a government assistance program, such as Medicaid, CHP+, or CICP, some services may be free or only a low copay will be required.

Marillac Clinic does not accept ALL private, commercial insurance.  Rocky Mountain Health Plans is accepted and in network with Marillac Clinic.   However, Marillac does accept some government assistance program such as Medicaid and CHP+, Medicare and Delta Dental insurance in Dental and Medicaid, uninsured in Medical and Optical.  Talk to our receptionists for in-network or out-of network participation.

Veterans may qualify for some services at Marillac, some dental services and optical services are available to veterans. If you are a veteran, call the Clinic for an eligibility application.

Determine additional basics about your eligibility or better yet, give us a call at (970) 298-1782.


Please download and print the following forms to apply for Marillac's services.

  1. Cover Letter & Screening
  2. Financial Registration
  3. Financial Statement
  4. Affidavidit