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Cavity Free at Three

Cavity Free at Three is a statewide effort to prevent oral disease in young children.


Caring for your young child's teeth

Research shows that oral disease is virtually 100% treatable and preventable, and is transmitted from caregiver (usually mother) to the child before the child is 18 months old. Cavity Free at Three aims to engage dentists, physicians, nurses, dental hygienists, public health practitioners, and early childhood educators to increase access to oral disease prevention and early detection services for pregnant women and children less than 3 years of age. We want children in our state to remain cavity free by the time they reach age three.

Your child needs healthy teeth and gums for talking, eating and smiling!  Healthy habits start at a young age.  Talk to your medical provider about your child's teeth and applying a fluoride varnish on the teeth to protect them from cavities.  Also, visit the dentist by age one or sooner if you have concerns. 

If your child has Medicaid or CHP+, your child also has coverage for dental services. 

Call Marillac Clinic today, a pediatric dentist is on staff for our youngest patients: 970-298-6320.