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2014-15 Marillac Medical Partners

Our Professional Partners at Marillac Clinic go beyond the call of duty every day. We honor the people and organizations serving the Mesa County community who partner with Marillac to provide great health care for our patient referrals.

Going beyond the call of duty...


We honor the people and organizations serving the Mesa County community who partner with Marillac to provide great health care for our patient referrals. 

Next time you see one of these great friends of the Clinic, let them know how much their support means to all of us. We could not function without the generosity of these and dozens of other providers who make time to see Marillac patients.


Marillac Clinic Referral Specialists


Thanks to these doctors and other health care professionals who see Marillac patients when they need specialized care. Without their generous participation, many of our patients would have nowhere else to turn.


David R Scott,MD
William Scott, MD
Cathryn Schnell, PA-C

Maria Anderson, MD
Erick Araneda, MD FACC
Charlie Brunson, MD
Daniel Duffey, MD
Richard Garmany, MD
Andrea Lamb, NP
Julie Mouton, FNB-NP
Donald Pacini, MD
Kurt Spriggs, DO

Cardiovascular Surgery
James Narrod, MD
Sara Pereira, MD

Scott McBrayer, DC,
Dean Younker, DC

Center for Independence
Counseling and Education
Hope West
Latimer House
Mind Springs Health
Summit View Treatment

Maida Burrow, MD
Matthew Deeths, MD
Mathew Donaldson, MD
Lewis Kirkegaard, MD
Amy Paul, MD
Arthur Weber, MD

St. Mary's Nutrition Services

Carol M. Greenlee, MD
Joseph Maruca, MD
Markus Wettstein, MD

Colby Crawford PA-C
Mark Griffin, MD
Michael Hanson, PA-C
Duane Hartshorn, MD
Matthew R. Swelstad , MD
James Merrel, MD
Michael Trowbridge, MD

Eugene Crafton, MD
Masi Khaja, MD
Brent Prosser, MD
Steven Seagren, MD
William Shields, DO
George Winters, MD
Jon Allison, PA

General Surgery
Stuart Ackley, MD
Craig Andersen, MD
Brad Baldwin, DO
Michael Bradshaw, MD
Eric Hanly, MD
James Hanosh, MD
Andrew Morse, DO
Steven O'Day, DO
Joel Schaefer, MD
Daniela Schupp, MD
Joyce Sekharan, MD
Teyen Shiao, MD
Christopher Wibbelsman,

Heather Shannon-Leyh
    Bourkovski, DO
William Ellinwood, MD
Robert Hackett, MD
Kevin K. Howell,
Paul Jones, MD
Barry King, MD
Carrie Noriega, MD
Joshua Pearson, DO
Nicholas J. Perez, MD
Elizabeth McCarrel, MD
Dave Robbins, MD
Traci Simms, MD
Ronald M. Stewart, MD
Pamela S. Willams, DO

Infectious Disease
William Lockwood, MD
Sheila Neese, MD

Yisfalem Alamdew MD
Matthew Cyphers, MD
Joseph Harawi, MD
Barry Sobel, MD

Mitchell Burnbaum, MD
Joel Dean, CO
Neal Gilman, MD
Seth Kareus, MD
Logan McDaneld, MD

Robert Fox, MD
Susan Hemley, MD, PhD
John Lopez, MD
Larry Tice, MD
Brian Witwer, MD

Oncology and Radiation

St. Mary's Advanced
    Medicine Pavilion Regional
    Cancer Center

Allen Grey, MD
W. Jay Hoffman, MD
Randy Rottman, MD
Robert Rigg, MD

Richard Michael Ackerson,
Kirk Clifford, MD
Chris Copeland, DO
Mitchell Copeland, DO
Mary Beth Deering, MD
Robert Frazho, MD
Steven Gammon, MD
James Gebhard, MD
Steven J. Heil, MD
Waqqar Khan-Farooqi, MD
Richard Knackendoffel, DO
Mark Luker, MD
Dilaawar Mistry, MD
Jeffrey Nakano, MD
Michael Reeder, DO
Michael Rooks, MD
Pete T. Scheffel, MD
Kennan Vance, DO
Thea Wojtkowski, MD

Physical Medicine and

William James, MD
Matthew Langston, MD
Kenneth C. Lewis, MD
Roger Miller, PhD

Physical and Occupational

St. Mary's Life Center

Plastic Surgery
Duane Hartshorn, MD
Jeffrey Pitcher, MD
Matthew Swelstad, MD

Troy Griffith, DPM
Terri S. Schmitt, DPM
David James, MD
William Kelly, MD
Garry Lambert, DO
Lukasz Muniga, MD
Andrea Thornton, MD
Wilmer Perez, MD
James Thompson, MD

Roy Erb, MD
Western Colorado Radiology

Jessica Baer Mears, MD

Amir Beshai, MD
Laurel Bartholomay, MD
Kaci Knaysi, MPT
Carol Meyer, RN
Michael Murray, MD
Mark Nishiya, MD
Traci Qualls, NP
Caleb Stepan, MD
Gregory Tarman, MD

Additional Referral Partners
Community Hospital Lab
Community Hospital-
    The Pathology Group
Family Health West
Grand Junction Pathologists,
St. Mary's Family Medicine
St. Mary's Hospital Wellness
Western Colorado Pediatric

We try very hard to list all the wonderful providers who help Marillac throughout the year.

If we missed you or listed you incorrectly, please let us know so we can correct our list.

Thank You.