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2006/07 Annual Report from Steve Hurd, PhD

Bridging the Health Care Gap


A Message from the Director...

Steve Hurd, PhD


Fiscal year 2006-2007

Upstream! It continues to be the key strategy for the Clinic. In the past year, we have further developed our early outreach programs and screenings to access an ever growing patient base. I am confident that just as our integrated model has become nationally recognized and acclaimed, so too, will our aggressive outreach strategies.

Marillac continues to identify local solutions to our national health care challenges. As more and more employers find it increasingly difficult to provide health insurance for their employees, greater access to Marillac services for families in our community becomes more crucial every day. We are honored to belong to this wonderful community and look forward to a future of even greater service.

Diversified funding

When the voters of Colorado passed Amendment 35, Marillac became eligible for a new source of funding. The Clinic, along with a strong coalition of health care professionals and advocates, worked with our legislators to improve access to health care for uninsured people with low incomes. This by no means resolves our funding challenges, but it helps to stabilize some of the ongoing operational needs of the Clinic. This fiscal year marked the second year that Marillac became eligible to receive these funds. We also continue to receive strong support from private foundations.
Also, we have traditionally worked to keep our revenue sources diverse, a wise strategy for any non-profit organization. Fundraising campaigns, grants, and gifts of in-kind services and cash from individuals, businesses and faith-based organizations all contribute to the financial health of the Clinic.  Marillac's donor base continues to grow. We are indeed blessed and grateful to receive such broad-based and loyal support from our community. Longtime donors and new supporters combine to play a vital role in helping fund the Clinic. A great example of this ongoing support from old friends and new, occurred in April. Our second annual gala fundraising event, Light the Night,  raised approximately $50,000 to benefit the Clinic.

Upstream Care. What does it mean?

Nationwide, the poor and uninsured do not receive care as early as those with access to health insurance. As a society, all of us pay a high price for these expensive delays. By publicizing our services more assertively, Marillac is making a concentrated effort to focus "upstream".  To further that end, we have created a new executive position dedicated to increasing community awareness of our services. Evidence shows that these early intervention and wellness strategies improve health for the individual and for the community at large.

Improved Cultural Competency

Research has consistently demonstrated that culturally competent programs have better outcomes. Marillac continues to dedicate itself to increase the number of bilingual and bicultural providers, interpreters and written materials available for our growing Spanish-speaking population.

Community Involvement

A key part of Marillac's Vision Statement is to take a leadership role in the community to assure that access to health care is available to all.  As the Clinic's Executive Director,rI have had the distinct honor and privilege to be a part of those efforts. This year, I am pleased to participate on one of the state task forces studying the future of health care reform in Colorado. The Blue Ribbon 208 Commission will be gathering ideas and researching strategies to increase access for the uninsured residents of Colorado. I will report our progress to you in future columns. You can also visit

Palisade Clinic

2006 marked the opening of our satellite clinic location in Palisade. Because of  the generosity of St Mary's Hospital and The Caring for Colorado Foundation, the Clinic will now offer both medical and mental health services  to people living in the eastern portions of  Mesa County. This expansion also enables us to serve agricultural workers and their families in conjunction with Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc.  These improvements in access to healthcare are made possible by the continued dedication of our staff, our Board of Directors, and hundreds of providers, volunteers and donors who support the work of the Clinic.

Thank you all for making a difference right here at home.


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