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2007/08 20th Anniversary Annual Report Message from Steve Hurd, PhD

20th anniversary year is marked by outreach, stewardship, and innovation...

A Message from the Director...

Steve Hurd, PhD


Fiscal year 2007/08:

As our 20th anniversary year draws to a close, the Marillac staff want to express our gratitude to all those who have come before us. The Clinic as we know it today is the result of an unbroken chain of dedicated volunteers, providers, donors, and leaders from every area of our community who started and carried the Marillac mission forward. Our hearts and minds are just the latest to lift up this wonderful resource that has transformed the lives of thousands our fellow citizens for 20 years!


Some highlights from Fiscal Year 2007-08...

Continued improvement and expansion of our emphasis on integrated care. This model, which treats the whole person is now firmly established as a "best practice" for delivering health care service to low and middle–income patients. Five lines of health care– medical, mental health, dental, optical, and pharmaceutical are delivered under one roof. Marillac has gained national recognition for its pioneering work in this field.

A strong emphasis on outreach and preventive care. Reaching low and middle–income patients "upstream" helps create more successful outcomes. Early detection and treatment results in healthier patients and a more effective and efficient use of our resources. In 2007, the Clinic added a Director of Community and Consumer Relations to develop and direct the Clinic's comprehensive outreach efforts. In 2007, more than 139 outreach events were held, including health screenings, education, and eligibility information for potential new patients. This approach continues to strengthen our already strong tradition of response to need.

Increased utilization of both clinic locations.
In 2006, Marillac opened a satellite clinic in Palisade to treat farmworkers and address the growing needs in the communities of eastern Mesa County. In the past fiscal year, the Palisade location experienced a 37% increase in patient visits. The Marillac Clinic at Palisade now includes access to our low-cost medication outlet and the highly successful integration of medical and mental health care. In the not too distant future, Marillac plans to add on-site dental services at this location.

Dental Screenings. Several years ago, Marillac began to address the growing needs of oral care for our children. Studies have established the link between poor oral health and school absenteeism. Last year, more than 1500 school children (pre-K through 12th grade) were screened for dental problems and provided with preventive care examinations and information. This program, coordinated with Head 2 Start and School District 51, continues to improve the lives of Mesa County families.

Forging strong alliances and leadership in creating greater access to health care for all.
Marillac continues to take a strong leadership role in developing best practice models of delivering health care and in creating strategic alliances with other providers – locally and statewide. Specialists from virtually every area of medicine and dentistry treat Marillac patients at a reduced cost. This strong alliance with the local health care community indicates the vital role the Clinic plays in the health of vulnerable Mesa County residents. Marillac's Integrated Care model is being adapted at the St. Mary's Family Medicine Program. Marillac frequently provides information and experience to studies and task forces seeking ways to improve the delivery of health care. The Clinic continues to be a unique and creative response to our health care challenges.

Progressive and innovative operations help Marillac keep up with increasing demand. Streamlined eligibility and same day appointments allow for more rapid response to urgent patient needs. Group appointments provide greater patient input and involvement in their treatment plans. That yields better outcomes and increased efficiencies. Special needs patients such as pregnant women and HIV positive patients get state-of-the-art care at the Clinic. Twice a week, Marillac provides Integrated Care (medical and mental health) services at Catholic Outreach's Homeless Day Center.

These are just a few of the highlights of our 20th anniversary year. I hope you'll take a few moments to learn more about the work of the Clinic. Your support makes all of these programs possible and quite literally changes the lives of your fellow citizens. – Steve Hurd, Ph.D., Executive Director.